Wastewater Treatment Systems

Domestic & Commercial Sewage Treatment Systems



Water Projects Limited can provide a treatment system tailored to meet the specific needs of your site.  We are suppliers of most of the leading brands of proprietary sewage treatment systems and can also provide design and build solutions.  System types include:

  • Conventional Septic Tank and Soakage Trenches
  • Enhanced Conventional Systems (ETS Beds, Mounds etc)
  • Aerated Wastewater Treatment (Waterpro, Oasis, Hynds, Devan, Cleanstream)
  • Packed Bed Reactors (Textile and Sand Filters)
  • Alternative Systems (Reed Beds, Worms etc...)

We are happy to provide advice and answer questions relating to your specific needs.



Water Projects Limited provides design and build solutions to suit most commercial applications, from straightforward sewage treatment for schools, motels and hotels, camp grounds, community halls etc... through to solutions for small towns, factory and industrial complexes.  We have access to/agencies for most specialised technology commonly used in the wastewater industry.  We are happy to discuss your specific needs.



Of recent times we have noticed an increasing demand for existing systems to be rebuilt and modernised rather than replaced.  Water Projects Limited was founded on repairing and rebuilding systems and it is something that we have always done.  Other projects range from straightforward replacement of the media in sand filter systems to rebuilding components for World War Two era municipal treatment plants.



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